whaT clients say

Working with Kelly might be one of the highlights not just of my career - but perhaps my adult life. Her insights, intuition and sensitivity to the kind of person I am and hope (and have skills) to become leave me awe-struck.
— Executive Coaching | Health Care Industry
Working with Kelly was like nothing I’ve experienced, and everything I needed. Kelly helped me recognize my inherent strengths and what makes me feel fulfilled, and assisted me in using this knowledge to craft personal and professional goals that are truly meaningful, complete, and aligned to my being.
— Executive Coaching | Management Consulting
Kelly is smart, talented, hardworking and undaunted when facing inevitable hiccups. I couldn’t imagine a world where I didn’t have her looking ahead for me and the team.
— C-Suite Leadership Development | Software Company
I experienced a tremendous amount of growth while working with Kelly though different individual exercises, reflections, and conversations. Throughout our sessions, Kelly had a structure that we followed, but she always made it clear that we could use our time together however I needed to use it. We didn’t focus exclusively on my career, but rather a holistic approach that included all aspects of my life. The goal of our coaching was to enable me to be the best version of myself, through empowering me in all areas of my life.
— Executive Coaching | Management Consulting
Kelly has a beautiful way of inspiring trust - she has tremendous intuition and allowed our time together to ebb and flow without the constraints of a rigid agenda. The single best investment I have ever made in myself!
— EXECUTIVE COACHING | Telecommunications Industry
Having someone to talk to, someone to help organize my thoughts...it’s incredibly helpful.
Kelly gave me the tools to identify how I can best recharge and reset so that I can approach my work with renewed perspective. She gave me the space and confidence to explore and define what an integrated life looks like for me, and the confidence to pursue it. I am extremely grateful to her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking to gain more meaning and purpose in all they do.
— Executive Coaching | Management Consulting
Kelly brings her amazing talent and expertise to clients in the areas of leadership development and executive coaching. Her ability to work with and coach leaders for growth and to meet their self-defined objectives is powerful.
— Leadership Development | Healthcare Industry
Kelly is more than a coach - she is a spirit guide. She has an innate ability to inspire, connect, and identify how people are best motivated, while creating a completely safe space that empowers people to share whatever is on their mind and in their heart.
— Executive Coaching | Customer Experience
Our coaching session was so helpful in creating action steps and served as a catalyst for me to move forward on areas that I’ve been feeling stuck on for awhile. Feeling good!
— Executive Coaching | Non-Profit Partner
If you are interested in bringing a top professional executive leadership coach in to work with you or other executives, I highly recommend connecting with Kelly and The Wander Project.
— Leadership Development | Healthcare Industry