Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

Let’s begin

Who we are

The Wander Project (Wander) is a woman-owned executive coaching & leadership development firm based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Wander partners with high-achieving leaders who want to live AND work well to more powerfully grow themselves, and their world.

We guide leaders to a higher place of consciousness and started on a path forward to create more meaningful lives, healthier organizations, and a happier planet.

what we do

Wander offers leaders highly personalized and transformative executive coaching packages & leadership development experiences focused on the whole person, not just the professional.

Wander guides you on a journey of self-discovery to create sustainable lifestyle practices that enhance your overall well-being and how you show up. We explore all facets of your leadership - with yourself, with others, and the world - to ensure the impact you’re having is the one you want.

We uncover old patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs, and limiting perspectives to remove blockers and ‘default systems’ that prevent you from creating more meaningful contributions in your life personally & professionally. Wander helps you live in alignment with your values and what energizes you taking full responsibility for the world you create.

Wander offers a wide range of perspective and a proven approach that works.

what you can EXPECt

  • Better understanding of how you're perceived and the impact you have on others whether intended or not

  • Awareness of your self-sabotaging beliefs, limiting perspectives, and unhealthy patterns that hold you back and no longer serve you

  • Encouragement to lean into your strengths to create alignment with your purpose and drive more powerful results in the world

  • Ability to flex your leadership style depending on the context and circumstances to create what’s needed most in the space

  • Self-care practices that integrate principles of functional medicine, positive psychology, and mind-body wellness to help you achieve more of what you want from a place of ease

  • Space to hear your own voice, openly talk things through, and gain outside perspective on a path forward without bias or judgment

Wander exists to create more meaningful lives, healthier organizations, and a happier planet.
— Kelly Weber | Owner, The Wander Project


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Go ahead. Wander.

In a sense, coaches are shrinks without the couches, management consultants without the flow charts, and sympathetic bartenders without the row of shot glasses.
— Daniel Pink
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