Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

our purpose 

The Wander Project (Wander) is a boutique woman-owned Executive Coaching & Leadership Development firm based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We partner with high-achieving executive level leaders & emerging high potentials who serve people first, purpose-driven organizations.

If that’s you, keep reading.

You’re a recognized leader known for getting stuff done, making hard things happen, and solving tough problems. Fiercely committed to mastery in your field of expertise, you’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

While you’ve been incredibly successful, it’s come from a lot of pushing, doing, achieving, long hours, late nights, and personal sacrifice for you and those you love. You’re busier than you’d like to be and not even sure how it happened. You don’t know where the 24 hours in your day goes.

The more you do, the more responsibility that comes your way. Somehow you keep fitting more of “it” into your day and less of you. This ‘high-achieving lifestyle’ is hard to keep up with and has taken a toll on your body, your health, relationships, and overall well-being.

Still sound familiar? Keep going.

You ask yourself, “Is this what I worked so hard for?!” To be too busy, too tired, burnt out, disconnected from the yourself, and yet on paper: ACCOMPLISHED.

You’ve achieved great things in your life, but are far from fulfilled and wonder if it’s even possible to find another way to bring more joy, ease, and spaciousness to the way you live and work…

…and still be wildly successful.

Let me tell you, there is.

Go ahead. Wander.

Wander offers highly personalized and transformative executive coaching packages and leadership development experiences by focusing on the whole person, not just the professional. Because let’s face it, it’s never just about work.

We explore all facets of your leadership - with yourself, your team, clients, family, and friends - to find what it means for you to live and work well. Wander guides you on a journey of self-discovery by uncovering old patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs and limiting perspectives, and by removing blockers and ‘default systems’ that prevent you from creating more meaningful contributions in your life and in this world.

Wander offers a wide range of perspective and proven approaches that actually work. We know, because we practice what we preach.

why wander | WHAT CAN you EXPECt

  • Deeper understanding of how you're perceived and the impact you have on others, whether it’s intended or not

  • Awareness of your self-sabotaging beliefs, limiting perspectives, and unhealthy patterns that hold you back and no longer serve you

  • Learn how the qualities that energize you drive your greatest accomplishments, leading to more powerful results

  • Support and encouragement to lean into your true strengths and how to monitor yourself when your strengths go into overdrive

  • Proven self-care practices that integrate principles of functional medicine, nutrition, positive psychology, and mind-body wellness to help you achieve more of what you want with ease

  • Space to hear your own voice, openly talk something through, and gain outside perspective without bias or judgment

Wander exists to create more meaningful lives, healthier organizations, and a happier planet.
— Kelly Weber | Owner, The Wander Project

WHy we exist

Wander is a proud member of 1% for the Planet committed to environmental causes by donating 1% of our annual sales to approved nonprofit partners.

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In a sense, coaches are shrinks without the couches, management consultants without the flow charts, and sympathetic bartenders without the row of shot glasses.
— Daniel Pink
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There is a big difference between achievement and fulfillment. As a recovering hyper-achiever, I can tell you that this self-sabotaging belief no longer serves me, and likely never did.

Now I chase what brings me energy and creates fulfillment in my life for me and my family, offering a deeper perspective and sense of purpose. The rewards are substantial and of no comparison. 

With over fifteen years of recognized management consulting and leadership experience, I decided to ‘slow my row’ and explore what living & working well meant for me, and then find a way to bring it to life.

Motivated by autonomy and meaningful work, and energized by unearthing one’s greatest potential, Wander was born.

Work became more meaningful and my impact far greater, my health and overall well-being drastically improved, my relationships deepened, I married ‘the guy’, and we became a family. What mattered most came into focus.

Leadership shouldn’t be reserved for the workplace.
— Kelly Weber | Owner, The Wander Project


work Experience

  • Founder & Owner of The Wander Project, a woman-owned Executive Coaching & Leadership Development firm

  • Co-Owner of Found Staffing Agency (Found), a women-owned change staffing & strategy-based management consulting firm

  • Forbes Coaching Council Member, an invitation-only community for successful business and career coaches.

  • Former West Coast Organizational Change Management Practice Leader at West Monroe Partners, an employee-owned management consulting firm

  • Former Senior Managing Strategy & Transformation Consultant at IBM, Global Business Services


  • Advisory Board Member for Ohio University’s Department of Management & Strategic Leadership providing counsel to create a transformational learning experience for students

  • Former Chapter Advisor & Board President of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals, a locally focused, globally inspired non-profit and network of practitioners advancing the change discipline

  • Business Member of 1% For The Planet, a global network working together to create a healthy planet through financial give back to environmental causes

  • Member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF), the leading global organization advancing the coaching profession

  • Former Co-Chairman of the Seattle Hope Gala, one of Seattle's premier black tie events centered on raising funds to support the mission of the American Cancer Society

  • Founding Sponsor of the Seattle Hope Gala's Young Professional Group & Stories of Hope for the American Cancer Society


  • Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation accredited certification program, the most rigorous and respected in the industry

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) obtained through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest in-person coach training & leadership development school in the world

  • Certified Functional Medicine Wellness Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a ground-breaking whole systems approach that integrates the principles of functional medicine, nutrition, positive psychology, and mind-body wellness practices

  • Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™), a credential for experienced change management practitioners

  • Certified Strengthscope Practitioner, a revolutionary assessment tool that provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual's strengths – a powerful metric proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, & retention


  • Awarded Consulting Magazine's Leadership Excellence Award

  • Awarded West Monroe Partner's Sequoia Award, their most prestigious award for Career Equity & Leadership Development

  • Awarded IBM Service Excellence Award (all years in service)

  • Completed intensive experience-based leadership development programs through Yale University, CTI, and many more to come